Special Fanfictions

Halaman ini dibuat untuk menunjukkan status FF yang telah di-request oleh para readers.

  1. Request from Ardhini28_  : What Am I To You (J-Hope)   – FINISHED by Vizkylee
  2. Request from Yeol : (Untittle)- Taken By Ts_Sora [Pending] 
  3. Request from ajeng : (Untittle – cast suzy)- Taken By Minarifini [Pending]
  4. Request from Yuna Lazuardi L : (Untittle- cast siwon,kyuhyun,oc and tiffany )- Taken by Vizkylee [Pending]
  5. Request from hongcha3: (Untittle – cast Daragon ) – Taken by MinariFini [Pending]